Aria is a cooperative dungeon crawler where up to 4 players embark on fast-paced, replayable adventures. The pre-alpha version is currently under development by Molten Metal Games.


  • Local co-op for up to 4 players with jump in, jump out multiplayer
  • Cooperative gameplay to the core, where ability combos and character synergies are king
  • 4 playable characters to choose from each with distinct play styles: the rampaging Beast, explosive Brimstone, arcane Augur and devious Shadow
  • Multiple adventures that can be played in any order, each with distinct stories, locations and foes
  • Randomly-generated levels filled with secret passages, traps, mini-bosses and treasure ensure every play-through is new
  • Find weird and wonderful perks in the form of Lore to upgrade your characters during your adventure
  • Stash rare Lore in your library for use in future adventures